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“Axisco Corporation” not just sell machinery; craft precision, reliability, and innovation into every piece of equipment with attractive offers. As a distinguished name in the industry, we are proud to be recognized as a global leader in manufacturing, wholesaling, trading, supplying, and distributing high-quality machinery under our esteemed brand, "Velocity." Versatility is our hallmark when it comes to our product range. We understand that industries are as diverse as the solutions they demand. That's why our inventory includes a range of top-notch machinery, including Bending Machines, Cutting Machines, Drilling Machines, Grinding Machines, Heat Furnaces, Punching Machines, Forming Machines And Much More. Each piece of machinery embodies our dedication to precision, durability and cutting-edge technology. Also, owing to testament to our commitment that our products have reached every corner of the world including the United States, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Canada. Our reach is not just international; It is global.

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Behind each piece of Velocity machinery is the collective vision of our team.


Our team, comprised of dedicated professionals (skilled engineers & technicians) from diverse backgrounds, is the heartbeat of our organization.

Why Us?

Being ethical with customer priorities in mind, we keep all the rules and material quality as per the needs of the customers.

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